mineral display
These minerals were recently acquired by The New York State Museum. The museum is home to the largest and most complete collection of New York State minerals in the world.
diopside with tremolite

Recent Acquisitions

We maintain an active acquisition program with the goal of constantly upgrading and expanding our mineral collection. This is accomplished through donations, purchases and field collecting.

We are grateful to the mineral societies, the mineral collectors, mineral industry and, especially, the New York State Academy of Mineralogy for both the funding and the specimens that make this exhibit possible.

Interested in donating minerals?

The New York State Museum has one of the oldest and largest state geologic collections in the country. The collection contains specimens from throughout the world, although our emphasis is on specimens from New York State.

We appreciate the opportunity to examine potential donations and, as a non-profit state institution, provide the opportunity for tax deductions and considerable tax benefits for charitable contributions. We will also consider purchase, at fair market value, of New York State specimens that we deem important additions to our collection.

Contact: Michael A. Hawkins

New York State Geological Survey
3140 Cultural Education Center
Albany, New York 12230

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