Frank Kurowski Collection
kurowski case
The specimens in this case were collected over several decades by Frank Kurowski and represent some of the highlights of the collection that he recently donated to the Museum. The specimens were all collected in the field in upstate New York.

Mr. Kurowski utilized many of his finds as raw material for his gem and jewelry hobby. Examples of some of his lapidary work can be found in this case, as well as, the nearby Gems of New York case.

quartz fluorite

quartz albite
Mr. Kurowski successfully ran a television and radio repair business for many years in New Hartford, New York where he resided with his wife and two daughters. He spent many of his spare hours hunting the back roads for interesting mineral localities and compiled a large mineral collection as well as extensive knowledge of the state's mineral resources.
He has generously shared this information with us over the years by volunteering as a Museum field assistant. His dedication to mineralogy and his continuing commitment to the New York State Museum serve as a constant inspiration to our staff.
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