New York State Academy of Mineralogy (NYSAM)

New York State Gem Collection

New York hosts varieties of minerals that can be cut into attractive gemstones such as quartz, calcite, fluorite, sphalerite, moonstone, labradorite, and celestine. While New York has diverse geology, it is not known to have rocks that host precious gemstone deposits such as diamonds or emeralds. The term "gem" refers to inorganic materials that have been cut into faceted stones, cabochons, or beads, and organic materials such as coral and pearls which have not necessarily been modified from their natural state. The mineral collection of the New York State Museum contains one thousand specimens of gem material. The specimens are not mounted in jewelry and this collection does not contain carved mineral material.

The Academy of Mineralogy is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of the minerals and mineralogy of New York State. The chief goals of the organization are to work with the New York State Museum to promote the study of New York State's mineralogy and to facilitate the gathering of exceptional individual specimens and outstanding collections for preservation in the New York State Museum.